Little Rock Art Gallery

Our Gallery at Little Rock, AR is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and to rewarding artists for their creative contributions and efforts in the arts. Our goal is simple; to re-invest into the artistic community, to support the unique undiscovered artists , and to provide a portal for artists to circumvent traditional thinking by networking with others throughout the world.

By becoming an online artist you will be utilizing the ever-broadening reach of the internet and develop new markets for your creative expressions.

Become Our Member

We invite you to become a member. We are artists for artists. Although art must crash into commerce it doesn't have to be painful. Join us and help support a positive force in our time. When you become a member at Trust The Public Gallery, and create an online art gallery, you will be able to promote and, or, sell art online. Viewers searching for where to buy art online can browse art online in your gallery.

“The gallery is a member of the AIPP, PMA, ACMP and the ACP and our curators them selves are members, having a tonne of collective years experience in the photographic art industry.”


Before putting the art into exhibit, it goes through curator's eyes whose role is to view and critique the images that artists submit to the Public and Collectors galleries, ensuring artistic quality and integrity for our Art community is upheld. (After all We wouldn't want to let something god awful slip through, now would we!).

About Exhibit

With over 38,000 square feet of exhibition space, Trust The Public is the city's most dynamic contemporary art gallery and one of the largest non-collecting contemporary art institutions.


Trust The Public is recognized and valued locally, nationally and internationally for the exceptional quality of its leading-edge contemporary art exhibitions ard art education programs.


Trust The Public exposes a broad audience to a diverse range of contemporary art through the presentation of leading-edge exhibitions and art education programs.


Trust The Public is a public contemporary art gallery and a registered charitable organization. Trust The Public is dedicated to presenting leading-edge contemporary art exhibtions and providing quality art education programs and experiences for people of all ages. Trust The Public does not seek to acquire a permanent art collection.

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