The Public Trust is pleased to present Plastic Flowers, a solo exhibition of new work by Dallas-based artist, Brent Ozaeta. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, March 31, from 6-9 PM. The exhibition will run through April 21st.

Plastic Flowers, continues Ozaeta’s practice of building fragmented landscapes through the digital collaging of disparate imagery found primarily on Japanese internet forms, along with those sourced from a curated feed on tumblr. The continued evolution of the artist’s hand is undeniable in these works. They possess highly sophisticated compositions, with seamless transitions between the collaged elements, along with an extremely refined sense of color. Each work is a vignette painstakingly created from an infinite scroll of images and data. While the artist is not intentionally constructing a narrative within the works, they evoke a range of emotions from melancholy to ecstasy, along with the artist’s own pangs of nostalgia for Japan, a country whose cultural exports heavily influence his work.

Image • Brent Ozaeta, Tender Trap, 2018. Acrylic on panel, 27x27 in.