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How to get your Clone A Pussy right, Every time!

If you’ve ever wanted to clone your coochie, I’m sure you have come across this insane vagina molding kit and scratched your head about it. You might have even got a few kits to try out but failed miserably while at it.


So how do you succeed? How can you ensure that the silicone mold comes out perfectly in shape?


Don’t worry. In this article, I have given you the essential tips to ensure you have your Clone A Pussy game right every time.


What is this Clone A Pussy kit?


This is a vulva-cloning kit for those who have no idea what I am talking about. Yes, you read that right; you can make a clone of your vulva now, for whatever reasons you desire.


For some of us, cloning our vulva could be another fun activity fueling the kinksters within us. Still, for some, this could be a rather liberating process of realizing how beautiful our bodies look.


But why is it that I know so much about Clone A Pussy?


Nope, I am not a sponsored agent. Nor am I a regular user of this product. I’m just another reviewer of sex toys who finds immense joy in trying out new products!


On a dull Sunday afternoon, after our few rounds of our naughty exercises, I was just telling my partner about my fantasies. I mean, how cool would it be to have a replica of my cute coochie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a narcissist but having a replica of my vulva seemed fun. My partner, too, got excited about the possibility, and we started surfing online to find something to quench our curiosity.


After just a few initial clicks, we landed upon this fantastic product called Clone A Pussy. It promised me precisely what I desired! So basically, I could clone my coochie into a hot pink silicone toy! Who wouldn’t want that!


Now, here are some golden hacks to get your Vagina Mold right. Every single time!


  • Read the instructions carefully!

    You’ve no idea how often people mess up just because they didn’t read the manual correctly. There are innumerable occasions where significant mishaps in the molding could have been avoided if the person making the mold had been a tad bit more attentive to details.

  • Do NOT use it over a carpet or any fabricated floor.

    Getting the silicone stains off a fabric is near impossible. So do the entire procedure on some hard surfaces, and it will be much easier to clean once it’s dry and solid.

  • Pay special attention to the timings.

    Here, you got two timings to pay attention to. The first one is where you mix the water with the molding powder. Mix it for exactly 1 minute and immediately pour it into the container.
    If you delay, the mold can already solidify, leading to a clumpy aggregate. If you do it quickly, it will not mix well, and your mold might never harden. So yes, this timing is crucial.

    The next one is when you hold the mixture against your vulva. Be careful not to move too much or remove too quickly. However, don’t keep it too long, as that might ruin the texture.

  • Keep looking at the thermometer.

    This is one of the most critical points. People don’t pay heed to this and mess up the texture. If your water’s cold, the molding powder won’t dissolve well. If it’s hotter than the necessary temperature, the mixture won’t settle in 1 minute.
    So be careful that your water is exactly 90°F. You can use the thermometer provided with the kit but if you own a more accurate one, use that.

  • Once you’ve molded your vulva, let the silicone harden for at least 8 hours.

    There’s no harm in letting the mold harden for a longer time. Therefore, let it rest undisturbed for a while. The manual will guide you to keep it for 4 hours, but I’d recommend leaving it undisturbed overnight. I’m sure you can spare a few hours to get the beautiful clone.


These essential points and hacks could work as a golden ticket to getting you your perfect vagina clone. This whole procedure might look taxing and endearing. But the product you get at the end is entirely worth it, I believe. You’ll be gifted with a replica of your Pussy. This is not only incredibly fun to play around with within the bedroom but can also boost your sex life to levels you’ve never imagined.


So get your clone a pussy here and go out there and clone that Pussy. Follow the instruction manual and keep these hacks right up your sleeves. Trust me, the only regret you will have is not discovering this article earlier.

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